My Three Day Visit

Last week we went on our three day visit. It was great. I walked up to school with my friends Kieran, Russell, Lewis, Adam, Grant(Smurfy), Fraser, Kieran and Harry. We met up with our other friends at school and went into the big hall when the warning bell went. Then we went to our classes. My classes were. R.E, Chemestry, Maths, French, English, Art and C.D.T. My favourite was Chemestry because we used the Bunsen Burners and onother couple experiments. I cant wait to go to high school.


Run, run, run was the only thought on my mind. I didnt mean it, it was just an accident. Where will I go.

 All these thoughts were going through Ryans head because he had just killed his brothers best friend, George.

Ryan came accross an old building that was bearly standing. He ran carelessly through a vast hole in the wall and tripped over a cluster of rubble. It was the unplushest place he had ever seen. Then suddenly, a large figure emerged from a dark and gloomy corner of the room.

“George, George, What are you doing here?” stuttered Ryan althouth he knew the answer.

“You know why I’m here.” said George with a cool calm voice.

It was just at that moment that Ryan realised that he could see right through him! George was a ghost.

“Thats right,”siad George softly,” Im back from the dead.

Ryan ran towards the hole in the wall that he had came through, but it was sealed up with bricks. Ryan was panicking. There was no doors and the four walls were closing in. While Ryan was scanning the room for a way out. George was sitting back with a cruel laugh. Ryan was banging hopelessly on the walls looking for a way out. Then he gave one more attempt to break through the wall. And to his surprise, he did. Ryan and George were both startled at the recent event. A bit ‘shell shocked’ to say the least. Ryan dashed into the forest to try to get to his house. “You can run, but you cant hide!” yelled George behind him.

Ryan somehow managed to reach his house and when he was just about to open the door, it creaked open by its self. There could of only been one person in the doorway. George. Nobody ever saw Ryan again.


My Hobbies!!!

I have quite alot of hobbies but my two favourite are probably guitar and football. Football is my favourite hobby. I play football at the park with my friends and I also play with a football team called Gairdoch United. I play defence and I dont score many goals. I use to play up front and then midfield but now I play defence.

 My other hobby is guitar. I’ve been  playing for about five years. I play the guitar below.

Its a black statacaster. I got it last year for my birthday from my Uncle Andy, Auntie Fiona, and my two cousins Kirsten and Kieran.


I was sitting on my bed listening to music because it was raining outside so I had nothing to do. I watch the raindrops slide down the window and thought; this is such a boring day. Then I decided to play a game. I went to my closet and opened the door. After that I looked for a game but there was an egg on top of the game I wanted to play. This was no ordinary egg. It had fancy patterns, it had a crystal on the top and it had diamonds round the middle. It was twice the size of an egg a chicken would lay. Then suddenly it began to crack and out came a dragon no bigger than a shoe. I called my brother through and he was stunned. He nearly fainted.

“What will I do with it?” I asked in disbelief.

“We could keep him as a pet and not let mum and dad know.” He said with sparkling eyes.

“That is a great idea!” I shouthed because mum and dad were not home.

Me and my big brother made a bed for him at the bottom of the garden and till this day, nobody has discovered our secret.